Adv Pharm Bull. 2018;8(4):675-682.
doi: 10.15171/apb.2018.076
PMID: 30607340
PMCID: PMC6311630
Scopus id: 85057746201
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Research Article

Streptomyces Levis ABRIINW111 Inhibits SW480 Cells Growth by Apoptosis Induction

Behnaz Faramarzian Azimi Maragheh 1,2 ORCiD, Parisa Fatourachi 1 ORCiD, Seyede Momeneh Mohammadi 1, Behnaz Valipour 1 ORCiD, Meysam Behtari 1 ORCiD, Alireza Dehnad 2 ORCiD, Hojjatollah Nozad Charoudeh 1 * ORCiD

1 Stem Cell Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran.
2 Tabriz Higher Education Institute of Rab-Rashid, Department of Biological Sciences, Tabriz, Iran.


Purpose: Streptomyces sp., a dominant genus in Actinomycetes, is the source of a wide variety of secondary metabolites. Microbial metabolites can be utilized as novel anticancer agents; with fewer side effects. The present article illustrated the anti-carcinogenic effect of the ether extracted organic metabolites derived from Streptomyces bacteria on SW480 colon cancer cell line. Methods: MTT assay was performed in order to investigate the cytotoxicity effect of metabolites on SW480 cells. Apoptosis and cell cycle arrests were measured by flowcytometry. Morphological changes were indicated by Propidium iodide staining andP53 gene expression was evaluated by real-time PCR. Results: Streptomyces Levis ABRIINW111 inhibited cell growth, increased Caspases 3 and reduced Ki67 expression in a concentration/time-dependent manner in SW40 cells. Metabolites increased subG1 phase (apoptosis) and also cell cycle arrest in G1, G­­­2/M and S phase. P53 gene expression followed Sw480 cells treatment significantly. Conclusion: Streptomyces sp. metabolites have anti-carcinogenic effect on colon cancer cells. Streptomyces Levis ABRIINW111 metabolites are a candidate for Colon cancer treatment.
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Submitted: 05 Jul 2018
Revised: 18 Sep 2018
Accepted: 11 Oct 2018
First published online: 29 Nov 2018
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