Aims and Scopes
Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin (APB) is a peer-reviewed, Platinum Open Access journal (no processing or publication fees) that publishes original research papers, scientific commentaries, views and review articles, and editorial commentary. The area of focus is concepts in pharmaceutical science (physical, chemical, biological, clinical, and regulatory aspects) including pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pro-drug developments, metabolic disposition of bioactive agents, dosage form design, immune-pharmaceuticals, protein-peptide chemistry and biotechnology specifically as these relate to pharmaceutical technology, gene delivery, and targeted drug delivery using nanotechnology.

- Formulation development studies are only acceptable if they provide a clear advancement in the field. Applying known formulation techniques to another drug does not suffice.
- A study of natural products will not be accepted if it only reports the pharmacological data of a certain plant or plant extracts. Identification and separation of potential active ingredients coupled with carefully planned pharmacological studies may be acceptable.
- Medicinal chemistry papers will be considered if new classes of drugs are studied or if there is a reasonable rationale for developing a new derivative of an old drug. Clear identification and separation of the compounds are needed. Mere synthesis of another derivative will not suffice.
- Routine bioequivalence studies, i.e., a comparison of the bioavailability of two or more products, will not be accepted for publication.
- Analytical method development for formulations will not be acceptable unless it contains experiments with sufficient scientific rigor and breakthrough data.