Adv Pharm Bull. 2020;10(2): 264-270.
doi: 10.34172/apb.2020.031
PMID: 32373495
PMCID: PMC7191242
Scopus ID: 85088702517
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Research Article

Helicobacter pylori Recombinant CagA Regulates Th1/Th2 Balance in a BALB/c Murine Model

Nafiseh Paydarnia 1,2, Behzad Mansoori 1,3 ORCID logo, Davoud Esmaeili 4, Tohid Kazemi 1 ORCID logo, Mahyar Aghapour 5 ORCID logo, Khalil Hajiasgharzadeh 1, Nazila Alizadeh 1, Behzad Baradaran 1* ORCID logo

1 Immunology Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran.
2 Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, International Branch (Aras), Tabriz, Iran.
3 Student Research Committee, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran.
4 Department of Medical Microbiology, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
5 Department of Pathobiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.
*Corresponding Author: Behzad Baradaran, Tel: +98 41 33371440; Fax: +98 41 33371311, Email: behzad_im@yahoo.com


Purpose: Helicobacter pylori is recognized as one of the prevalent causes of human gastricinfection. In the present study, the role of mixed immunization with H. pylori lipopolysaccharide(LPS) and recombinant cytotoxin-associated gene A (rCagA) as a stimulator of host immuneresponses was determined.

Methods: BALB/c mice were immunized with different formulations by the systemic administrationat 14-day intervals. The effects of the formulations plus CpG adjuvants were assessed before andpost-immunization in separated studies. Moreover, the expression of Th1/Th2 cytokines wasquantified in sera of immunized mice using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR)test and the protein levels confirmed with enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).Finally, the specific antibody levels in sera were studied by ELISA and the tendency of cellularresponse was examined by IgG1/IgG2a ratio.

Results: Data of Western blotting verified the presence of constructed protein. Analysisof lymphocyte proliferation showed that CpG-conjugated rCagA increases lymphocytesproliferation compared to the control group. Also, it was shown that formulations containing LPSand rCagA promote a Th1 response indicated by interferon-gamma expression and induced Th1/Th2 balance. Additionally, the specific IgG1, total IgG and IgG2a levels elevated in response toall treatments. Ultimately, the IgG2a/IgG1 ratio in the mice immunized with rCagA-containingformulations increased.

Conclusion: These results indicated that rCagA protein carried with CpG adjuvant not onlymaintained its antigenicity throughout the experiment but also induced robust Th1-biasedimmune responses. Therefore, it holds promise for the production of an efficient vaccine againstH. pylori infection.

Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, Th1 immune response, Immunization, Lipopolysaccharide, Recombinant cytotoxinassociated gene A
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Submitted: 08 Jun 2018
Revision: 17 Aug 2019
Accepted: 30 Sep 2019
ePublished: 18 Feb 2020
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