Adv Pharm Bull. 2019;9(1):132-137.
doi: 10.15171/apb.2019.016
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Research Article

Design of novel Surfactant Modified Carbon Nanotube PasteElectrochemical Sensor for the Sensitive Investigation of Tyrosineas a Pharmaceutical Drug

Nagarajappa Hareesha 1, Jamballi Gangadharappa Gowda Manjunatha 1 * ORCiD, Chenthattil Raril 1, Girish Tigari 1

1 Department of Chemistry, FMKMC College, Constituent College of Mangalore University, Madikeri, Karnataka, India.


Purpose: The novel sodium dodecyl sulfate modified carbon nanotube paste electrode (SDS/CNTPE) was used as a sensitive sensor for the electrochemical investigation of L-tyrosine (TY).Methods: The electrochemical analysis of TY was displayed through cyclic voltammetry (CV)and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). The surface morphology of SDS/CNTPE and barecarbon nanotube past electrode (BCNTPE) was reviewed trough field emission scanning electronmicroscopy (FESEM).Results: The functioning SDS/CNTPE shows a voltammetric response with superior sensitivitytowards TY. This study was conducted using a phosphate buffer solution having neutral pH(pH=7.0). The correlation between the oxidation peak current of TY and concentration of TYwas achieved linearly in CV method, in the range 2.0×10-6 to 5 ×10-5 M with the detection limit729 nM and limit of quantification 2.43 μM. The investigated voltammetric study at SDS/CNTPEwas also adopted in the examination of TY concentration in a pharmaceutical medicine as a realsample with the recovery of 97% to 98%.Conclusion: The modified electrode demonstrates optimum sensitivity, constancy, reproducibility,and repeatability during the electrocatalytic activity of TY.
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Submitted: 13 Dec 2018
Revised: 01 Feb 2019
Accepted: 02 Feb 2019
First published online: 21 Feb 2019
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