Adv Pharm Bull. Inpress.
doi: 10.34172/apb.2024.010
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Research Article

Revolutionizing hyperlipidemia treatment: Nanoencapsulated CoQ10 and selenium combat simvastatin-induced myopathy and insulin resistance in rats

Hager A Zalam ORCID logo, Ezz ElDeen Saeed El Denshary, Rania Mohsen, Islam Khlail, Mahmoud Khattab, Mohamed Hamzawy* ORCID logo
*Corresponding Author: Email: mam43@fayoum.edu.eg


Purpose: The objective of this study was to develop a nanoencapsulated platform for Coenzyme Q10 (coQNPs) or selenium (SeNPs) and explore their potential therapeutic benefits in treating hyperlipidemia and combating simvastatin-induced myopathy and adverse reactions in hyperlipidemic rats. Methods: The physical and chemical properties of the solid nanoparticles (SLNPs), coQNPs, and SeNPs were characterized, including zeta potential studies. Male Wistar albino rats were treated with various interventions for 112 days, including a nano-vehicle only, high-fat diet (HFD), HFD with simvastatin alone, or with coQNPs or/ and SeNPs for the last 30 days. Results: The coQNPs and SeNPs exhibited uniform spherical shapes with high encapsulation efficiency (EE% 91.20 ±2.14 and 94.89 ±1.54, respectively). The results demonstrated that coQNPs and SeNPs effectively reduced hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, simvastatin-induced myopathy, and hepatotoxicity. However, combining simvastatin with coQNPs and SeNPs resulted in severe liver and muscle damage. Treatment with simvastatin and SeNPs or simvastatin and coQNPs alone showed significant improvements compared to simvastatin treatment alone. Conclusion: These findings suggest that the CoQNPs or SeNPs platforms offer advanced relief for hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance while limiting adverse effects such as myopathy and hepatotoxicity.
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Abstract View: 345

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Submitted: 11 Aug 2023
Revision: 03 Sep 2023
Accepted: 20 Sep 2023
ePublished: 23 Sep 2023
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