Adv Pharm Bull. 2019;9(3):348-359.
doi: 10.15171/apb.2019.042
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Review Article

Anti-aging and Sunscreens: Paradigm Shift in Cosmetics

Shreya Shanbhag, Akshatha Nayak, Reema Narayan, Usha Yogendra Nayak * ORCiD

1 Department of Pharmaceutics, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal 576 104, India.


Skin, being one of the vital organs and a protective barrier needs to be pampered and taken careof from early childhood. It is the most visible and the widest exposed organ and by far reflectsthe general health condition and the aging process in humans. Both intrinsic and extrinsicfactors contribute to this complex biological process of skin aging. In recent times, skin healthand its beauty is perceived as an indicator of one’s health which has resulted in an increasingdemand for anti-aging products. Exposure to UV radiation is considered to be one of the factorsresponsible for aging termed as photoaging. In this review, we have discussed the various factorswhich may accelerate the process of skin aging. Various approaches and strategies to delay theprocess of skin aging have been emphasized upon. The patents filed in the area of anti-agingand sunscreen products have also been reviewed to gain an insight into the new formulationswhich have been developed as an anti-aging product. There has been a tremendous rise in thecosmetic and cosmeceuticals market with products having a dual activity of anti-aging and sunprotection. Research is constantly on the rise to ensure the safety of these products. Alternativesto the current topical application of sunscreen are being considered to overcome the drawbackof reapplication of the sunscreen often which can be a boon to the cosmeceutical market.
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Submitted: 29 Oct 2018
Revised: 16 Apr 2019
Accepted: 20 May 2019
First published online: 01 Aug 2019
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